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Christopher Farrell, M.D.

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If the thought of knee surgery leads you to envision a lengthy open procedure with a high risk of infection and long recovery time, think again. Dr. Christopher Farrell is highly skilled in minimally invasive arthroscopic surgical techniques and provides exceptional care for his patients in Silver Spring, Maryland. There’s no need to live with painful joints and limited mobility when arthroscopic surgery offers the chance to regain your strength and vitality. Schedule an appointment online or call the office to learn about the latest treatment options.

Knee Surgery Q & A

What is arthroscopic surgery?

Arthroscopy is the term used to describe a surgical procedure that allows access to your joints through tiny incisions. This innovative approach enables Dr. Farrell to see and repair damage to your knee, without the need for an invasive open surgical procedure.

This surgical approach uses a medical tube called an arthroscope to gain access to your joint. The tube is roughly the diameter of a pencil and contains lenses and optical fibers. 

The arthroscope records real-time video of the interior of the joint, which is displayed on a monitor near the surgical table.

Arthroscopy is a powerful diagnostic tool, but can also play a role in treatment. Dr. Farrell can treat numerous knee issues through arthroscopic surgery.

Which knee problems are treated with arthroscopic surgery?

If you suffer from persistent joint pain that isn’t responding to self-care or physical therapy, arthroscopy may be the next step in your treatment path. These are just some of the knee issues that can be addressed through arthroscopy: 

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Meniscus tears
  • Ligament tears or strains
  • Deterioration of cartilage beneath your patella
  • Removal of loose bodies within the knee

Arthroscopy is a versatile tool and is the preferred diagnostic and treatment approach for many knee conditions.

How can I prepare for knee surgery?

Before scheduling knee surgery, Dr. Farrell determines if you’re healthy enough to undergo the procedure. If you have medical issues in addition to knee pain, you may need to wait until those conditions are properly managed before undergoing surgery.

It’s critical to speak openly with Dr. Farrell about your medical history and any medications you’re currently taking. That provides him with the information needed to plan your surgery and the medications required during recovery.

It’s also a good idea to prepare for your recovery period. This process differs for everyone, but common elements include determining where you’ll attend physical therapy and who will drive you to those appointments.

You’ll also need a ride home from the hospital, and you may want some extra help around the house for a few days after your procedure. 

If you’re tired of living with chronic knee pain, or you’ve suffered a traumatic knee injury, schedule an appointment  today.